Friday, August 24, 2007

I want to go home...

This month has been a blessing to me. I have learned so much and I have found so many resourceful things to ease my life. I have finally started to understand how to manage my time better and how to organize my life.

But this months has also been a month with lots worries and a big heavy burden on my shoulders.
Although I have learned a lot about managing my time and so on I have had problems finding the time and adapting it the way I´d like to.
I have also had a horrible writers block. That happens to everyone once in a while of course but when you depend on your writing for your living it is even worse.

It was my mothers birthday yesterday and I haven´t spoken to her for about two or three months. It´s too expensive for me to call her and she hasn´t got the money to call me either. That is sad.
My mother is sick after a stroke as well which of course makes me even sadder that I can´t care for her as I wish I could. So I wish I had the money to go home. I would buy luggage sets for the whole family and I would go home and care for my mother and for my hurt soul and stay there for a month or two.
Unfortunately that isn´t possible for at least another year. I will have to do some serious blogging and writing to get that money.

But I do feel that I am on the right track and that things are looking brighter.
It´s the difficulties that makes us grow as people, and I am thankful for that.
Hope you have had a good month and go call your mother if you haven´t spoken to her in a while and you have to possibility to do that.

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Revka said...

Oh, I feel so sad for you! I know you get homesick, and it's worse not being able to even talk on the phone. Love you lots!

Linda said...

Thank you Revka!


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