Friday, August 24, 2007

If you haven´t got the money, then don´t buy it

You´d think this is common sense right?
Well I see this happening all the time around me. People buying things without actually having the money for it. I´ll give you an example. My SIL lives a house, which conditions are not the best, she and her husband and their two kids live there for free. She doesn´t work and live far from the city so she can´t find a good nursery to put the kids in and find herself a job.

Well she and her husband have got this thing about buying things without really having the money for it. When we first moved here and their finances were really bad they bought a viewsonic monitor. And I could not and can still not understand how they could do that. they barely had food on the table and they buy a *bad word* TV!

And this is not the first or the last time either, they do things like this all the time. They are so lucky to live for free and they had a good car that they sold to buy a better one and now they have a horrible car that is about to break at any minute.

I´m sorry but if you haven´t got the money then don´t buy whatever it is you want!
Life is like that, sometimes we can´t buy everything we want. But the right time will come when you can, you just have to be patient.

I haven´t got a credit card and I refuse to get one. I really don´t see the point in having one and get debt worries on my shoulders. Sure buy things using direct debit if you know you can pay for it, but don´t use your credit card knowing you won´t be able to pay it off.

There are some things I´d like to get for our house but we have decided not to buy anything else for a few months because i January we will get loads of extra bills. it´s the same thing every year, the house, car insurance etc etc. So i will just have to wait another few months.

Do you buy things without having the money or do you wait until you have the money??

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Revka said...

Amen to this! We sometimes buy stuff with our credit card, but we pay the bill in full when it comes. There's no sense to stuff like your SIL pulled!

Linda said...

No! Unfortunately some people never learn...


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