Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh what a cute puppy!

One day when I was watching TV I saw something that I told myself to remember to write about. It was a show about dogs.

Sure I like dogs but that wasn´t what was so interesting. The interesting thing was the theme. It was all about jewelry and clothes. For dogs only.

And I was deeply impressed with the imagination from the designers and creators of these things.
First of all I´d like to say that I don´t particularly like when people dress their dogs for fun, I think it looks silly. When people see a little puppy with clothes they usually go: Oh what a cute puppy! And it´s not because the dog is cute, but because of the clothes.

I have a yappy little chihuahua/pincher but the only time I have dressed her is when it´s been too cold for her to be outside. But I would never dream of dressing her for fun.

But thankfully for many smart business people there are those who like to. So my wahm advice to you if you like animals and know how to sew is to you could try your luck in the dog clothes business.
If you need ideas check out Glamour Dog, they sell lots of clothes for dogs.

You can also become a re-seller for many companies, it can be a side project that you do for fun or something that you add to your normal business.
You can sell animal jewelry for the real animal lovers as well.

The thing about success is to find something that is uncommon and selling. I can imagine that if you are a animal lover, who brings your dog everywhere, you would love to go to the beauty saloon with your dog or buy matching clothes etc. See that is an idea...

Of course you can adapt it to your own choice, if you are a cat lover for example.
And is there a market for this? Of course there is, just look at Paris Hilton...

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Gaida said...

He is a very cute dog... But is he as cute as mine?

Gaida said...

Looks like url disappeared...Here's my Cute Puppy


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