Monday, August 06, 2007

Paying for bad service

If there is something I really do not like its´when you pay for something and it is not to your liking afterwards.
And let em tell you, I tell if I´m not happy!

We needed to do some work on the house a few months ago and the carpenter that we hired was... well I was not pleased with his work. He basically caused more damage than what he repaired. Now I am left with dirty and damaged tiles and lots of cement dots everywhere.

Our house was not very well planned, I think, we have two rooms and two bathrooms. We want to change our bathroom, or the location of it so we are always talking about how we would place things to get more space. So we have been talking about where to place shower faucets etc.

We haven´t yet talked about who to hire to do the job, but it won´t be the carpenter we hired last time, that´for sure!

What do you do when something you have paid for is not done well?

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