Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Self critique

Self critique or maybe I should say blog critique.

When was the last time you looked at your blog through a visitors eyes?
Sometimes we go blind looking at our own blog. We don´t see how we can make the most out of what we have.
So here are some points to think about:

  • What is the first thing you see?
  • What attracts you the most?
  • Is it easy to navigate? Can you find what you are looking for?
  • Content? How is your content, is it really interesting for your readers?
  • Colors, maybe you need a color change?
  • Template, is your template right for your blog?
After looking at my blog with more critical eyes I can see that it might not be the best in some of these areas.

If you have any ideas or opinions about this blog, please tell me. I´d love to hear so that I can improve.

Now go and have a look on your own blog. Then come back and tell me what you saw.

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Jenny said...

Well...when I first popped in I thought "I like this...the illustrations are neat and I love the green!" Now, my blog, on the other hand, is complete ick right now! I have a friend who is wanting to give the blog a make-over but she is so busy right now...I really need to set aside time to make it look better myself. I sort of know how to...I just don't enjoy doing it!

Anyway, wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me! I'll be looks like you have a lot of info that would be helpful to me!

Jenny said...

Me again! I just quickly checked out all the "sheep" and Wow!! I'm coming back later tonight when the kiddos are in bed and I have my tea...tons of info here and a lot of links I've not seen yet! Neat!! Thanks!

Revka said...

Hm, I'm always tinkering with my blogs but still have more I need to do. I love how unique this blog is. :)

Linda said...

Thanks you Jenny! you are welcome back any time! Remember if you ever need any help with your blogdesign, me and revka re more than willing to help. :)

Revka: I know, you are just as blog crazy as I am :) There is Alwsays something to do on the blog :)


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