Friday, August 31, 2007

Taking notes

Although I spen most of the day in front of the computer and write most things on there , there are things I prefer to write for hand. I rather jot down my notes using a pen instead of writing it in Word for example.
My handwriting is not one of the prettiest, I wish it was but it´s not. So when it comes to staying in touch writing letters I rather write emails. And it goes so much quicker.

The only thing is that the pens seems to vanish in our house. There is never one around when I need one. Which is everyday. And as soon as I find one I like I try and hide it from the rest of the family. Or the little man in the house that is. I´m not sure what he does with them actually.

I usually find them after a few weeks.

Do you prefer to take notes by hand or by using a word document?

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Gaida said...

I usually prefer to write notes by hand. I also prefer to send emails but do include a handwritten letter in my xmas cards.

When reading a book... especially info one... highlight sections that jump out at you. This helps you to find important info quickly. Then transfer these notes (in your own wording) into a notebook & you will remember them easier.

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Linda said...

Thank you Gaida good advice! x-mas cards and b-day cards feel more personal if you have the possibilty to include a hand written note.


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