Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Waste of time

If you are a busy person you simple can´t afford to lose time. I have too much on my shoulders at the moment and I certainly have to got time to just throw away a few hours. If I had I would use them for something enjoyable and relaxing.

This morning I was off to give English lessons to a woman and her daughter. I took a ride with my husband who dropped me off in town. When I got there I went to have some coffee at a bakery. I was suppose to meet them at 9am, I was not even one block away. 8.15 my cellphone rings and the assistant tells me that the lesson had to be canceled and rescheduled for next week.

So... my husband had asked me to swap some lotto at the post office. The post office opens at 9. I walked around town a little waiting for the post office to open. That went fairly quickly and I set off to go back home. On the way I stopped to see a friend who has a book store. He wanted me to go to his house and meet his wife so we went to have some more coffee. We chatted for about 40 minutes or so and then they took me home by car.

So I came home around 10.30.
I lost 2,5 hours of work because of that. Do I need to say that I was unhappy? If I had been a very important business person, then would this person have called and rescheduled in the last minute. Lets say I was a psychologist that took $400/hour no matter if you cancel or not.

But I´m not. I´m a simple women who happens to work a home and it´s OK to use me and my time however you please.
Is it?

How do you value your time?

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