Saturday, August 18, 2007

Win a $25 Mastercard Gift Card

Don´t you just love contests!

I do but I never win anything so I guess I just stopped trying. OK I did sign up for a few thigns when the bif online contest was on but did I win anything... no. Just my luck. *lol*

If you are interested in winning a $25 Mastercard Gift Card that you can use anywhere then hop over to CSAHM.COM and sign up!

No I´ll hold my thumbs and toes to see if I have the slightest chance of winning....

Good luck to you and to me!

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
You have to be in it to win it! Over the years I've won a holiday & a television.

Linda said...

Yes Gaida, I´m off to add my comment now as I had problems on Friday to comment. A TV wouldn´t be bad at all! :)


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