Friday, August 17, 2007

A womans best friend

It has been said many times that jewelry is a womans best friend. I can´t really connect with that actually.
I mean I like jewelry but I don´t like it too much. I rarely wear any, the only jewelry I wear are my small earrings, piercings and two rings. But that´s about it. I have one bracelet that I like but it is very plain and simple but ¨elegant¨.

I often look at jewelry and wish that I could wear it but I just don´t feel comfortable using them. There are women that almost look ¨naked¨ without their bracelets and big earrings. I only feel like that if I´m not wearing my piercings, I have two nose studs (no not on each side but on the same side if anyone is interested). I don´t think I could be without them now, I´ve had them for over 10 years.

But jewelry, yes that I can survive without.. well I could probably survive without my nose studs as well but...

Some woman can be bought with jewelry, I can be bought with love. *lol*

If you know of a good jewelry designer, please tell. I do like looking at them and I am very impressed with the designers who makes them!

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