Thursday, September 06, 2007

And the story repeat itself

I´m not sure why I was talking about calling in sick the other day but maybe I shouldn´t have. Because now I´m sitting here with a flu!
I will not even try to count how many times I have been dick this year. I feel as if I am complaining all the time that I am feeling bad and there is always something.

I wonder why this is happening, should I start to worry?
Should I just forget anything called work and go and hide under the duvet instead?

I am sick of being sick!

Well thankfully I can sit in bed and work. It´s not very comfortable but better than sitting on a chair.

The thing about working at home blogging is that blogging doesn´t take holiday. I mean tomorrow is the Independence Day here in Brazil. So my husband will be off for 3 whole days. Which is very uncommon as he works 6 days a week. So of course I want to try and be with him and our son instead of sitting here.
But blogging doesn´t take a break so I will have to get online anyway and check. Sure if we go away i won´t have much choice but since we are at home...

Or maybe I should take a few days off instead...

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exceldream50 said...

Dear friend,
Write your blog content and save it as draft,earlier.when you have more time write more and save it as draft.Then on that day you just post takes few don't have to spend few hours blogging.Hope the tips helps.


Linda said...

Yes that is a great tip, thanks. I actually do that from time to time but I really should do it more often.


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