Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are there any newbie bloggers here?

I was reading a post from Tay at Superblogging and she talked about not forgetting the new bloggers. The beginners. We have all been beginners but when we get experience it´s sometimes easy to forget that there are people who does´n t have a clue about rss or feeds etc.

I could gladly write posts for newbie bloggers and I have written a few. But there are so many other sites out there that write them too.
I have learned so much this year and I gladly share what I know. I´m far from the best to give you advice but it´s not always the pro´s that gives you the best advice now is it?! *lol*

So just like Tay I will try to sneak in a few beginners posts as well. Anything you have on your mind, just let me know and I´ll see if I can answer it. :)
I have helped a few bloggers to get into the bloggers world so there must be something I know.. *lol*

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Tay said...

Thanks so much for the link and mention. I'm glad you liked the post and that it inspired you!

And, just to clear things up, I'm a she not a he. ;) But don't worry, just about everyone thinks I'm a guy for some reason. Just want to get the message through.

Thanks again!

Linda said...

Haha, Oh I´m sorry! I´ll change that straight away! You are a great inspiration! Guy or gal :)


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