Monday, September 10, 2007

Awaiting your reply

One of the best ways to show you appreciate someones blog is to leave a comment.

If you are a blogger you need to be communicative, you are a part of a community and there is no such thing as being a quiet blogger on the side.
If you decide to open your blog to the public you show you want to communicate and share of yourself and your life. You can however be a very private blogger only writing about SEO or other more technical stuff.

Not all blogs have readers, some have more frequent readers than others.
A way to get others to read your blog is to comment on other blogs and this is a widely spread technique in the blogosphere. But you shouldn´t just comment for the sake of commenting. Commenting is like talking, giving your opinion or input. You can have a dialog through comments.

I love comments and always to try reply as quickly as possible but somehow I have problems commenting whether it´s on my own blog or someone else's. I think it has to do with my internet connection. So sometimes it takes a while for me to reply to comments but I will always try to. And sometimes some comments don´t get any answers at all but I try to make sure to communicate with the blogger that left the comment.

I leave a lot of comments although I am not leaving half as much as I would like to and one thing that I have noticed is that many bloggers never reply to their readers comments.
They get lots of comments but their own comments never shows up.

How many times haven´t you subscribed to comments on someones blog or gone back to find an answer and there is nothing?
And your thinking "Hey I´m awaiting your reply, why don´t you answer?".

OK some bloggers are very active and gets loads of comments and may not have the possibility to reply to each one but they could at least say thanks for stopping by.

And when a blog owner asks a question I really try to answer because I know that if I ask something I would like for someone to answer me back so I´m not talking to myslef. And it doesn´t matter if it´s a favorite blog or just a blog I will never visit again.

I think we bloggers need to pay more attention and re-think the blogging situation. Didn´t you start your blog to communicate with others? If your readers notice that you never reply they will stop to leave comments.

And it´s the same thing for the readers, if your favorite blogger notice that you never reply to his/her questions or give your opinions he/she might stop putting effort into communicating with you.

So here is my question: What is your opinion about comments and how do you contribute either as a reader or as a blogger?

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Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Very thought provoking post.

I love to read other people's blogs. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don't. Just depends on whether or not I have something to contribute. I will comment if I have something to say that contributes to the post... or will leave a comment complimenting someone on photos they have taken, a recipe shared, or even wishing someone happy birthday or happy anniversary.

It just depends on the post.

I like to receive comments on my posts as well but they are far and few between. I know that it's probably the same situation as mine above, so I don't sweat it.

Linda said...

Thank you Laura,

it´s meant to be thought provoking so I´m glad you said that. :)

I agree that you should comment if you have something to contribute with and not only for the sake of replying to show off your own blog.
Thanks for your input!

Mayogi said...

You really have a point there, Linda! Getting feedback is a very important part of blogging. How else will you know what people think about your blog, about the things you talk about, about the things you don't talk about?

I try to comment on every blog I visit but sometimes I can't find anything to say. I agree with you that commenting just to show off your own blog isn't nice, but sometimes when you don't find anything to say related to the topic in the latest post at least you can say "Hi, I dropped by and I like your blog". That's important too. To see that there are real humans reading your blog and not just spiders or robots.

Linda said...

Feedback is very important! I also think the hey I dropped by... is a great thing to say when you haven´t got anything specific to say. So thanks for commenting! :)


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