Monday, September 03, 2007

Calling in sick...

Everyone gets sick once in a while, working from home or not.
When we work outside of home we might not want to call in sick so we struggle through the day with pain. But when you work from home? Can you just call in sick then?

I would say that working from home is more stressful than if you work for a company and get s sick. If you call in sick in a company there is usually someone else who can take care of your daily tasks. But when you work from home you know that they only one who can do your job is you. Obviously this is if you work by yourself. If you have family members or staff that can help you it is probably less stressful.

So when should you call in sick?
Well having a cold can be bad but having a headache can be even worse. I suffer from migraines and when I get a migraine attack I´m not even able to stand up. So when that happens the only thing I can do is lie down and try to sleep. Sitting in front a computer is out of the question.

I have been thinking of counseling for headache treatment but I think that my headaches are stress related.
This is something that I thought a lot about in college when my migraines started coming. I could see that when I was stressed I would get migraine attacks.
And of course these attacks comes when I am really busy at home as well.

I do think that you are less likely to call in sick if you work from home. Because you know that your job depends on you.

Do you think you are less likely to call in sick when you work at home? What is a valid reason to take a day off when you work from home?

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

Sweet heart!!! I hope you get rid of all your stress.

I took a day off and in a trip to Oban a boat got my eyes. Where was it from? Yeah...I took a picture for is very special!!!! I know how you miss your country and family. I hope you enjoy my little expression of love for you!!!

Take a look!

Linda said...

You are soo sweet Suzel! Thank you! Beijus!

mlankton said...

There isn't any more sense in making yourself sicker at home than there is in the outside workplace. The quality of your work isn't up to par when you are compromised. Let yourself get better instead of prolonging your illness.


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