Friday, September 28, 2007

Christmas is coming up and I´m scared

Whoa! Christmas is coming up! isn´t it wonderful, snow and nice christmas music.. hang on what was that? Snow? In Brazil? No no. I must be thinking about Sweden.  There is no snow in my parts of Brazil. it can snow further south but ít´s very rare. So no, no snow.

Í like Christmas and have started to think about christmas gift ideas.Every year it´s the same thing. i have no idea what I am going to buy for my family. This is a problem that occurs at birthdays as well.

And why am I scared? Because I need to buy gifts? No one of my worries is that I won´t have any money to buy any gifts. And honestly it doesn´t look very promising in that area. Well well. And that also means that my very longed beach holiday will not take place. Can you believe that I have not been to the beach here in Brazil and I´ve lived here for 3 years now! it´s about time isn´t it?

And then after Christmas comes the bills. I don´t know what they do in this country but all the bills come in the beginnign of the year and they pest our lives for 7 months. And then you can´t even save up before they come again. How is that supposed to work out? Well I guess the only thing I can do is hope for the best. I´m sure it will all work out fine. One way or another.

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
I know what you mean about xmas creeping up so fast. Even the shops have xmas cards & decorations on the shelves. Must start that list...sooner than later.

Linda said...

yes, before you know it... :) They haven´t yet started with decorations or cards but it´s soon to come.


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