Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Come here my Latin dancer...

OK I am about to admit something you might laugh at.
I love the film Dirty Dancing.

I have seen it so many times that I´ve lost count a long time ago. When I was a teenager I used to spend the weekends with my girlfriends watching Dirty Dancing, Grease and Cocktail.
But Dirty Dancing was alway my favorite and is until today. I actually own it on Video but our VCR is broken so I can´t watch it.*sad*

I love the dancing, when Johnny pulls Baby tight and look into her innocent eyes. Or when she sings, Baby, oh Baby, my sweet baby... you´re the one!

I have always dreamed of dancing like that, to be a part of the music and just dance and nothing else. But Linda, you have a Latin husband, doesn´t he dance salsa with you?
Ha! I wish.

My husband hates to dance, he doesn´t have an ounce of Latin passion in his blood. I´m sorry girls, having a Latin lover isn´t always what the tales says. *s*
But there is rescue for me and other women who loves to dance.

The answer is called Salsa Boot Camp.
Oh I love this! You can actually learn to dance through the Internet!
At their page you have access to loads of advice, online lessons, you can buy DVD´s, everything you need to learn to dance these passionate dances.

Of course it would be good if you have partner to practice with but until then you can practice on your own whenever you have time. See no time restrictions. This is a great break from work! You can learn Mambo, ChaCha, Salsa, Merengue and more!

See now anyone can Learn to Dance Online! I really love the idea and I will tell my husband about this to see if he changes his mind... I doubt he will but you never know.

This is also a great Christmas present! I am sure most women would love a gift like this! This is something really unique and it makes me want to go and find a VCR that works so I can watch my favorite movie.

Any other Dirty Dancing lovers out there?

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TD said...

Hi Linda - my wife likes Dirty Dancing, for whatever it's worth. I can't stand the movie personally. Didn't like Grease either (another of her favorites). Maybe it's just a dance movie thing. My wife doesn't like Buck Rogers and many of the other scifi movies I enjoy. Touche.

Linda said...

Thanks TD, I´m sure we are just two out of many fans around the world. :) My hubby is just like you, he like scifi etc... Why can´t you guys be a little bit more romantic???? ;)

Revka said...

You know, I've never seen any of those movies. :)

workathomeshop said...

My mum always wanted me to take up dancing.. ball room dancing lol

Would love to start some kind of dance.. Im sure it keeps you fit, and I loved dirty dancing !
Work at Home


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