Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don´t let cleaning get you down # 3

There is one place where we women spend a lot more time than our men. Yes you figured it out, in the kitchen.
We cook and we do the dishes whether we like it or not. Some people are fortunate to have a dishwasher or a husband that does the dishes every now and then. Well I haven’t got either.

The kitchen can be a real burden on our shoulders. The dishes need to be done or food needs to be prepared. In my case it’s more the dishes and the mess that stresses me.
I don´t like to do the dishes and at night I am usually too tired to even look at them and in the morning I ignore them, make my coffee and go somewhere else. Come afternoon and I still haven’t done them. So I end up doing them in a hurry, stressing.

Totally wrong don’t you think?
Well I have learned that there is no use in delaying things. Let med tell you how wonderful it felt to wake up this morning to a clean kitchen! Knowing that I wouldn’t have to do any dishes! All because I washed the dishes last night.

Before I would try and do the dishes cooking and everything at the same time until one day my husband told me: You need to separate and organize before washing the dishes. In the beginning I wouldn’t care too much for his advice but gradually I started doing what he said. And wow it is now so easy to do the dishes with a clean kitchen.

The key to not letting your kitchen become a burden:

• Clear up your kitchen before you start doing the dishes. With that I mean gather all dirty cups etc and clean the work space you have in the kitchen including the stove. Put all dirty cups and plates in one place.
• Then do the dishes!
Sounds easy right? It is and you can do the dishes in a clean kitchen or you can leave them until you have time to do them. But the main thing is that you have a clean kitchen and the dishes will not be as noticeable as if you hadn’t cleared up your kitchen beforehand.

Now tell me; how do you keep a clean kitchen?

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