Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Furniture From Home

For you to be able to improve your business you ask for opinion and this is my opinion of Furniture From Home.

First impression lasts, I like the deep red color and the brownish header. Looking at their section for office furniture you can see the different kinds of furnitures that are available for your home office. If you click on the link of your selected interest you will get to a page that will give you price details and also offer you to talk to their customer services. Good. However, I would have preferred the product information to be on top.
At the moment it seems as if prices are more important.

First you sell the product, and then the price is less important. That´s how I see it when buying things.
Therefore I think there should be more details on the selected product.

They also have bedroom furniture for you to choose from as well as Living room furniture.

I get the feeling of classical beautiful furniture´s but I don´t feel the urge to buy anything. Unfortunately and I like classical style.
The most important thing for this company (as I see it) are the images. And I don´t feel they are selling.
When you try to sell a product you should concentrate on the object, and that also applies to photography. If you have other things in the background customers might get distracted and not see the beauty of the products. This is what happens in these images.
A cozy familiar feeling is what I think they want to give us but unfortunately the products are blended in too much.

My recommendations would be to improve the way the products are featured. Maybe closer images, click on a product link and you will see more images and product information.

Today on the internet everyone competes, even if you have a special product that no one else has. I wish Furniture From Home all the best in their future selling and business.

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