Saturday, September 08, 2007

Light up my life!

It seems as if every time my husband is off for a few days we start planning our home. Or I start talking about house decorating and what we can do to improve our hose and so on.

Something I have been talking about for ages is that I want to get a wall sconce for our living room. Or actually two, one in each end of the living room.
I think they are so beautiful and make the house more cozy and you get that "home" feeling.

I am going to drag my husband into a lamp store someday so that he can see how beautiful they are. Unfortunately he doesn´t seem to understand it just yet. My husband agrees to most things but to get him to do something about it is another thing.

It feels as if decorating a home is left for the woman to do. My husband has ideas but not the kind of ideas of how to make a cozy home or so. Why is that so?

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exceldream50 said...

Men et lazy after marriage.or they are so tired and burnt out that when they come form they need to be pampered,massaged and so oonThey don't like to their brain tothink about other things rather than rest and relax.It is too much fo them,i guess.


Linda said...

:) And I am sure you are not the only one who thinks like that *lol

Thank you.

Gaida said...

I think most men are so involved with their work and quite often the stress that goes with keeping ahead in their jobs they just don't want to take on another 'challenge'. We all need time to unwind & relax.

Or.... maybe they don't want to admit they don't have any taste when it comes to decorating & much prefer to leave it up to you.


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