Friday, September 14, 2007

Nosy neighbors

Where we live it is quite easy to see into other peoples houses. Of course everyone, including us, uses curtains to cover up the insight a bit but it´s not always easy.

When we moved into our house we bought curtain rails and curtains, only that the curtains were too small. So we had to fix them each day to make sure it wasn´t open for people to look in. We didn´t have the money to get new curtains either and the ones we had bought were on sale so we couldn´t even exchange them. So we just had to live with them.

It´s at times like that you really miss to have faux wood blinds. Blinds is something so common in Sweden/Europe that almost every house has got it. It´s so smart, you just open it if you want to or close it, no need to worry that someone will watch you sing in your undies or talk to yourself. Or what else you might be doing in the privacy of your own home. *lol*

We got new curtains this year actually. We found some beautiful dark blue curtains that covers the whole window. Better than the white ones we had before. However we didn´t throw them away or anything like that, we put them together so they make one big curtain now for three windows instead of for six as it was before.
So no need to worry about nosy neighbors anymore. *lol*

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Know what you mean. I don't mind calming music but much prefer to quiet so I can concentrate when working. I don't know how my son can do his work with his music so loud.

Irene said...


Thank-you so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I am so hoping for suggestions/ideas... any suggestions at all! I love your it! I'm checking out your other blogs also, and your company. Yes, I definetly need a banner!

Thanks again,

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I'm so glad that I live in the country and the neighbors are too far to see in!

Linda said...

Gaida: yes I know what you mean :)

Irene: Thank you. If you need any help I´d be glad to assist you in any way I can.

Mom tu tu: Oh that sounds good. i wish it was a little farther between the neighbors as well :)


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