Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quality clothes

Because of the bad economy here in Brazil there are lots of shops around that sell products with lower quality. One thing that is economized a lot on is clothes. When I moved here I was surprised to see that the clothes were so different than they are in Europe. The fabric is different and to find cotton is more expensive and not as usual as mixed fabric.

During winter is layered style that is the thing not to freeze your fingers off. Finding real winter clothes is difficult. In Sweden or Europe you don´t have to look very far to find a North Face jacket for colder weather, but here you will have to search for a long time to find something similar. In Sweden most people if not everybody knows what a NF jacket is but here I´m not so sure.

But you start talking about bikinis and they know! Oh yes, the smaller the better. One of my little plans for this year is to be able to go to the beach in December. But I am dreading having to buy a bikini. I’m not sure these sizes are made for me.*s*

But the fashion overall is like in the rest of the world. I’m not very fashionable myself so I’m not the best person to talk about fashion with. But I believe Brazil to be quite on top when it comes to fashion actually. If you want high quality clothes you will have to pay for it. And usually paying more is better as the clothes lasts longer. I´ve made the mistake of buying cheaper tops a few times and afterwards regretted it. But you learn from your mistakes and so did I. Until it´s time to shop next time…. *lol

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SEO-PRO said...

Brazil is a place that i have always wanted to visit! But not for the fashion, for the soccer! I would of never pinged Brazil as a place to look for fashion clothes. Now when i go i am going to have to keep my eyes open :)

(If i every make it down there)


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