Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Revalue your writing

How do you know how much your writing is worth?

I’m not here to tell you how much because simply I have no idea. But something I have learned these last past days is that sometimes we look at things and say “what? Only $xxx for xxx words?”.

When you become a blogger who gets paid to write ads from places such as PayPerPost you soon learn that x-amount is low for x-amount of words. And you are “advised” to avoid these ads or opps as they are called to get better pay.

And many bloggers do, including me. I value my work and yes I do think that there is nothing wrong with me wanting more for the amount of time I spend writing an ad.

BUT, it’s too easy.

Anyone can do that, but there are places that will ask you to research and put a whole lot more effort into your writing for double the amount of words for the same price. And people do, without complaining.

There is a difference in writing a short ad and write a longer one for the same pay. Not everyone can do that.

So instead of seeing it as being low paid I have decided to start to think of it as a challenge instead. A challenge to improve my writing.

But this does not mean I do not value my work. I do.

Maybe it´s time you revalue your writing as well?

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Slevi said...

The moment payperpost came with regional restrictions offering the better ops which actually pay like 15$ or more to US only leaving just the 5$ spam about credit cards or insurance post I somewhat began revaluing my writing and have hardly done ever payperpost ops in the last couple of months.

I can't even see the ads which are available currently as a challenge, it's just completely being underpaid. Writing an ad for 3.5 Eur a piece? It's ridiculous how low the price for the lot of ops has gotten, but as long as a majority of bloggers will still keep posting for that I doubt it'll change.

Linda said...

Thank you, and as I said, I totally agree with what you say. What I am talking about is that sometimes A LOT more work is done without being better paid and no one says anything but gladly does it. And then we bloggers complain about our lousy 5 :)

I have hardly done any PPP opps lately also because of this. But weren´t the ops even lower before?

Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Thank you for this post. I think far too many people are willing to write articles and blog posts for $5, when the information they share is much more valuable. I think these types of opportunities devalue the writing profession as a whole. I prefer to quote a per hour rate rather than a per word rate.


Suzanne Wells


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