Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So much for making more time...

This morning I am filled with energy and I was thinking and hoping that I would get a lot done today.
Until the phone rang. It was a friend of mine who said she is coming over to see me after lunchtime. So all of a sudden my day has decreased from 8 hours to 6.
Well really it has decreased from 8 to 4 because I need to get the place in order before she comes.

I have stacks of clothes to iron, a yard that needs a good wash, and a house that needs to be freshened up.
And... I have my work.

So the planning I had in my head needs to be re arranged. Which makes me think; what do you do when something unexpected happens?
Well I still have 4 hours until she is supposedly coming. I say supposedly because it wouldn´t be the first time she say she is coming and then never show up. But since she called to assure I would be at home then i think she is coming.

So how do you prioritize when you have to re-plan your day?

In this case I will still be at home and since she is a friend she will just have to live with me doing the ironing while she is here. I haven´t got time sit down and do nothing. And I will probably prepare dinner as well. Sounds quite bad but I like to make sure I get things done and a good friend won´t mind you are doing a little bit of housework while you are visiting. At least that´s how I see it.

Now I just need to take a deep breath and try not to stress until she gets here.

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Angela said...

Next time she pulls a last minute whammie on you just tell her that a visit from her today is not going to work.

BTW, I did add you to Domestic Divapalooza. Thank you for linking to my personal blog. I enjoy your blog ALOT!!

Linda said...

Thats´right Angela, but it´s not always easy to say no either. She knows how I feel about her not showing up, i´ve told her and I terrible at lying so you can tell I´m not happy.

Thank you for the link, I´m very glad you like my blog! :)


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