Saturday, September 29, 2007

Step by step

I was talking about dancing a few posts back and I´ll do it again since it´s something I really like. I love to dance! But as I said then I m having trouble getting my husband to dance with me.

I have now found another solution for the problem. The "learn to dance online" places are great for this! Dance Crazy helps you learn how to dance step by step. No need to worry you won´t learn how to dance properly. Not that I ever go to any events that requires me to know ballroom dancing but it is one of the dances you can learn via Well I think that if you know how to waltz you know a lot when it comes to dancing. So that is a good start if you want to learn more " classical" dances.

The dance instruction videos are a great help because you can see exactly how you are supposed to dance. Just by watching others we learn a lot. Once again, if you haven´t seen Dirty Dancing it´s a wonderful film to get inspired to learn to dance.

Now I´m off to dance myself through cleaning the house, that is a great way to burn some calories :)

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