Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend cleaning

Last weekend I did something I have wanted to do for a long time. I cleaned out our storage room. It felt great to do that. And finally it looks more like I want it to. I am the one with the eye for decorating in our family and of course I can tell that we are in great need of a wall cabinet in the storage room.

We do have space to set it up, it´s just that my hubby has this fix idea of making everything himself. Sure that is great but I would prefer a ready made cabinet or shelf that will last for some time (and look better but don´t tell my hubby). My hubby would probably prefer to buy this big cabinet but I want a small and sleek one that doens´t take too much space and "fits in" in the room.

I have been hoping to buy a cabinet for over two years now so hopefully that will come soon and I don´t have to sigh every time I walk into the storage room.*lol*

About the weekend cleaning; yesterday I heard about wifes that rented out their husbands. For a good cause. The idea was that men would help widow women with housework. Cut bushes or changing lamps etc. For a small fee.
That was a very good idea I thought when I heard it. There are many women out there that doesn´t have a man to help them with these sort of things and perhaps no family either. So there´s a weekend business idea for you...

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