Friday, September 28, 2007

When you least need it

Sometimes working over the net is so difficult. Because you are dependant on a good working computer and energy. If you have a power cut failure then what do you do? Sit and roll your fingers and wait for the power supply repair guy to turn up?

Well this has happened quite a few times for me. Then what do I do? I take a pen and paper and write down what I need to remember and possible posts I want to write. Just like they did in the old days before the computer was invented. *lol*

Actually having a power cut can be good sometimes, you are forced to think of other ways or more ways to improve your writing and write faster. Lingering around the net is dangerous when it comes to time wasting.

Btw. I am having trouble commenting on my own blogs, not sure why but this is also something ongoing and does not mean I don´t want to reply or am ignoring the comments you leave.

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