Thursday, September 13, 2007

Working to music?

Can you work with the radio on?
I can´t , listening to the radio only makes me feel stressed and I lose my concentration.

I need quiet and peace around me when I write and I don´t feel I get that with the radio on. Especially when they start talking and listeners are calling in. I like it better when there is music on. And i usually get annoyed with the way they make fun of some listeners. Maybe I should try a new radio station?

Classical music or very calm music is OK as well but I really prefer when there is only the sound of the birds in the neighbors guava tree.
Our dogs barking also gets me distracted and usually I have to get up to see what they are barking at.

Do you work well with noise around you or the radio on?

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Know what you mean. I don't mind calming music but much prefer to quiet so I can concentrate when working. I don't know how my son can do his work with his music so loud.


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