Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working wherever I want to

I bought a new computer a few months ago, wonderful and the best thing I´ve bought in a long time. But still I find myself wanting a new computer. A laptop.

I dream of sitting outside in the garden and write. Or sitting in the living room watching TV and writing at the same time or designing at the same time. Bringing my laptop with me when I travel...
That would be so good.
So that is actually one of my future goals. It won´t happen this year but who knows next year.

For those who are also dreaming of buying a laptop I can tell you that Dell are having a sale on their laptops! They are on a special offer at the moment so you can have the freedom to work in the garden, kitchen, wherever you want. The place of your choice.

Even if you haven´t got the money to buy a laptop right now you can always come back later, Dell always have good offers going on.
Dell is one of the most sold computers today and thanks to them we can enjoy quality and good price at the same time.

That is what I will think about when it´s time for me to buy my laptop. Good quality without spending a fortune.

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Good on you! A new computer would be great. Must admit ours has had quite a few upgrades.

I would love a laptop. My son had been at me for ages... mainly so he can stay on the computer for longer (though I thought he was already glued to it!) & I can do my work on the laptop. would be so much nicer sitting in the garden working on my Affiliate Marketing Business.


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