Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are you reading too much?

As a writer/blogger I love to read as well. Tell me a writer that does not, there can´t be many.
But I have noticed that I spend way too much time reading, in fact more reading than writing. Now isn´t that a little (ore very) silly? Shouldn´t I be writing more and reading less?

Reading is important though, we gather new information and learn new things. You get ideas for blogging, writing and everything else in your life that you need information on. Or don´t need, much of it is useless info that you will never remember anyway.

So how to solve this little "problem"?
First think about what you read. Are you reading the news, funny blogs, good articles,feeds, reading forum threads, uninteresting things or something that will be useful in the future?

When do you read?
I´m one of those that like to read in the morning but at the same time I am most productive in the morning. So for me I need to reduce my morning reading.

How to cut down on reading?
If you like me many times get stuck reading your feeds then allocate special time for that. Either read everything, which can be a lot, or read it through out the day.
A good thing to do is to organize your feeds. Put them into categories. Then you will quickly see what´s new and what is important.

Reward yourself.
After writing xx amount of words/posts/articles, reward yourself and read a little. A great way to distract yourself from work.

But remember it is a great way to distract yourself from work, and that is dangerous!
Make sure you get your work done, then read.

How do you go about not spending too much time reading than writing?

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Gaida said...

Reading your newsletters, emails can take you away from your main focus for the day.

Emails are very time consuming... before you know it, for my anyway, you read the email & then you click a link, more reading & it's a continual vicious circle....and before you know it half the morning has disappeared. This time can never be taken back.

I'ts more productive to allocate time in arvo to check emails etc & stick to it.

Your main aim for the day is to remain focused on what will bring you closer to your goal & hopefully working on your financial security. Collect your free ebooks(click my name) to ways to profit online.

Linda said...

Oh yes, reading feed readers and emails are really time consuming
! So is commenting :) But they are all necessary. :)


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