Monday, October 01, 2007

Did you lose your blog?

Strange things happens and today when I was doping the dishes and thinking about nothing in particulat I cam to think about this blog.

*That was a long meaning* I started to think about how this blog has developed and what I wanted it to be when I started and how it is today. And frankly I´m not sure I´m happy with it´s development.

I was thinking if I had lost my blog into cyberspace and in that lost the connection with me.Myself. We need happiness in our lives and that was what I wanted to share in the beginning when I started. It´s been too long without any happiness on this blog. Somehow I´ve kind of lost my blog. But I am aware of it and have decided to just let it go. Not the blog but the feelings connected to it.

So from now on I will blog about all and nothing. Be it intersting or not."It´s my blog and I write what I want to" *does anyone hear the song "it´s my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to..."* Sounds childish but sometimes you concentrate too much on what you think others want to read or you think is intersting that you don´t even write what you want.

Don´t lose your blog. You cannot compete with someone else than yourself and that is the best thing you can do.

Have fun blogging and be sure to come back soon ´cos I´ll be blogging about everything and all in between whatever it is this blog is about. *lol*

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