Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Final updates

Well there are some final updates to be done and then it´s all set. I´m adding a few things at a time.
When redesigning a blog it´s so easy to want to add everything and then we end up with not remembering what we did when we want to change it.
That´s why you should rely either on your own good memory or a good IBM memory. Well the latter requires you to have an IBM computer but it will work with any word pad available as well. *lol*
I rely on Word documents and loose papers. I jot things down all the time and I never throw anything away. Good and bad. I really try to throw papers away but I tend to stick to them for a long time... just in case...

One of the updates here is the related post widget which will hopefully help you find more related posts. That´s a feature I´ve always liked and now I found one for Blogger as well. Very good. There are a few different you can use and you will have to find one that suits your blog.
So far I´m happy with it.

Now when was the last time you updated your blog design? Maybe time for a change?

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