Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I need some sleep and vitamin C

I can feel that I´m in need of some sleep and vitamin C. I woke up and noticed I couldn´t open my left eye properly and it´s a bit red. Not so nice. I´ll have to be careful so it doesn´t get worse. I can feel my body is a bit tired and want some rest.

Madonna is trying to liven me up with her music but so far it´s not working very well. I think I need some afternoon coffee! Oh yes that will make me feel better.

I have changed my categories around a bit and will change them further so that when I write about things like Hannah Montana tickets it easily fits in the right category. Really finding the right category for your post can be hard sometimes.

I do hope that the category change will help you navigate better on this blog. Time for some coffee...

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