Sunday, October 07, 2007

In a hotel or in a hut?

We have not even started to look at possible hotels to stay at during our holiday. IF we go that is. It´s costs about five times more than normally in December/January.

Ever heard of Caesars Palace? No? It´s a hotel in Las Vegas where they say you are supposed to feel like a royalty because of the luxurious environment. And I´m sure you will. Unfortunately there won´t be any of that for us when we go on holiday. Although it would be nice.

Well I am saving, now I wish my husband could do the same but with the car being a bit rebellious at the moment and costing us lots of money he hasn´t been able to save anything. So to only go away with my money we´ll probably not even come half way to the beach. *lol*

Maybe I should prepare myself to stay in a hut on the beach or something, not that I would mind actually, it´s kind of cozy. If we had a tent and weren´t afraid of being robbed we could stay in a tent. But knowing my hubby he´ll want to stay in a hotel.
And of course I would too, I´m thinking breakfast buffé and a comfortable bed...
I better get my husband saving soon!

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