Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Networking for Blogging Mom's

Networking is one of the key things when it comes to blogging. You need to network if you want others to read your blogs.

Many of the most successful bloggers are men but there are outstanding women out there as well ready to tell their secrets. Being a Blogging Mom is more than just being a mother who blogs. It´s so much more and until you really get into it all you might not know what I mean.
I love blogging forums and if it´s for women I like it even more. No I´m not a feminist, I just like the special bond between female bloggers.

There are several nice forums for mom bloggers and I thought I´d tell you about the ones I like the most. Unfortunately the forums are not as frequently visited as they should be by the mom bloggers. So with this post I want to encourage all the mom bloggers to join the forums and introduce themselves!

Here are three forums that you as a mom blogger should visit frequently and contribute to:

Mom Gadget-
I love this forum but would like to see more new posts in there. This forum has a great potential and if you dig in you will find some great blogging advice. Gayla is the mama behind it all and a top blogger.

- Another great forum with wonderful women sharing much more than just blogging. The Mom behind the forum is Becki.

Blog Talk Gossip- This is a newly created Yahoo group for Blogging Moms by Angela Stevens.

These forums are especially for blogging, there are of course many other forums with more work at home related topics.
And of course I am active in all of them so you be sure to find me there. *lol*

Did I forget a great blogging forum? Tell me!
Are you active in any of these forums and want to encourage others to participate? Write about it on your blog! Share your comments and thoughts here.

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