Monday, October 01, 2007

On a beautiful beach

Now that I have completely lost my hope of being able to go to the beach this year the only thing I can do is dream about it. In my dreams I am far away sitting on a white beach with my feet in the crystal clear water.
Where? Hawaii of course!

I would like to dance some Hula hula and watch the sun go down. A friend of mine actually shoed some pictures from their Maui vacation not too long ago and it made me think that Maui Vacations are the best! Now I would love to show you the pictures because they are absolutely stunning but I´m not sure I´m allowed too. She said they had a great time and that it was very relaxing. See I need some relaxation so that would be good for me. Reading the Hawaii travel blog I am even more tempted and interested in saving up to go to Hawaii and it´s surrounding islands.

And it seems so easy to go there and enjoy a wonderful holiday!
Hawaiian Beach Rentals have different packages that you can chose from and on their site you can read more information about possible travels around the islands and how to make the most out of your stay. You can read about activities, weather, maps and all sorts of things that you need to have a great holiday.

I would love to go! Absolutely!
Have you been to Hawaii? How was it?

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