Thursday, October 25, 2007

On everyone's lips this morning

On everyone's lips this morning is the PR update. Or should I say the PR fall?

It seems as if many sites have had a significant drop in PR and it´s on every bloggers lips this morning. Well we have been waiting for the PR update for some time now. And when it happens we aren´t rising but falling. went from PR6 to PR 4. Well, you might say, there will still be loads of people visiting his blog. Yes sure it will but the PR determines the price of your sales. And that is a problem! For anyone not only Problogger.

Head over to Internet Marketing and read more about this. Very interesting. I´m sure we will hear more about this. It is surely not the end of the story.

So far non of my blogs have been affected and I will only be hoping for a rise and not a fall.
Have you been affected?

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