Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On a rainy day

Something I do not miss on days when it rains, or on any day actually, is to stand at the bus stop and wait for the bus. Worrying about bringing your umbrella and not getting wet. Getting wet. Because whether you want it or not you usually get wet. Sad truth.

So working at home is wonderful on those days. Only that I still have to go out and get wet when I go to pick up my son from nursery. See I haven´t got a drivers licence. I really would like to get one and it is in my plans for the coming year. It´s not expensive; roughly $350. Which is nothing if you compare to what it costs to get your drivers license in Sweden, triple the amount if not more.
But here it´s still a lot of money unless you have it.

And then I would need a car right.. hmm somehow that doesn´t seem impossible, not sure how I´m thinking here. It should be more difficult to get a car than the license right? Silly me.

The other day when it was not raining but quite hot we had a quick visit from a friend who makes his living by selling wine coolers and other fun stuff that you "need" for your home. We were quite tempted to buy one actually but since we hardly ever drink wine it seemed to be a bit silly. I thought it was fun that our friend actually makes a living from doing that.
I asked him if it was good business and he said that it was since he works for a large re-selling company. I´ll ask him for some more information on that I think.

Now I do hope it stops raining soon so that I don´t get too wet when I go to pick up my son. I have a feeling it won´t stop raining anytime soon though...

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