Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Out of ink!

"Oh no! No ink left!"
That is something I don´t want to have to say on a day when I really need to print something. Before I had a printer obviously I never needed to worry about running out of ink. Now I do. I love my little Lexmark printer, it´s so handy and the print comes out with great quality.

What I really should do soon though is buy a new cartridge. I actually thought it would be quite expensive to buy ink but as from what I´ve seen it´s not too bad. One of the worries I´ve had is to make sure that the ink is of good quality. Because like everything else I´m sure there are all sorts of cartridges available.

Did you know that you can buy cartridges over the internet as well? At Cartridge Finder you simply find your printer model and from there you can compare prices and make sure you get the right cartridge for your printer. No need to worry if you really got the right one as Cartridge Finder uses a system that makes it easy for you to find the right cartridge for your printer.

I´m glad there are options like this today, it helps todays home business so much! I easily found the right cartridge for my printer. No need to search, just check your printer model and find exactly what you want. Oh I love shopping over the internet, I really should do it more often! It save so much time!

Have you checked your printer lately? Maybe it needs a refill, better to be safe than sorry...

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,

Know the feeling of 'out of ink'. I was printing a big OH&S assignment today & both black ink sizes came up with that message. I had a smaller replacement cartridge but not the bigger one. That will certainly put a whole in my pocket.

Knew I should have waited & taken the work to TAFE on my USB & printed it there.


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