Friday, October 19, 2007

Quiz time!

Yesterday I took a very fun quiz from Mama Blogga. It reveals whether or not you are blogging mama.
I enjoyed the test and discovered a new site as well, Quibblo.
They have lots of fun quizzes you can take or you can make your own. If you like Harry Potter you can take Harry Potter quizzes.

At Quibblo you can take your favorite quiz and afterwards discuss it with fellow quiz takers. Lots of quizzes for you to have fun fun fun :)

And of course I am a Blogging Mama.

Congratulations! You're a bloggin' mama!
Your blog is an important part of your life. Life without it would be a less sunny place—but you'd still have your children, and that's what makes it all worthwhile anyway, right?

I will add the beautiful little pic from Mama Blogga in the sidebar later on.
Now run over to Quibblo and take a fun quiz or make your own!

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