Sunday, October 21, 2007

So far so good

So what do you think? Do you miss the little sheep´s? I do and I don´t.

Well designing takes a whole lot more time than you imagine when you start but this has been fairly easy actually. I still have some tweaks left and so on but in the end I think it will look OK. Something I´m looking into is how to change the My Blog Log widget. We´ll see if it stays where it is now.

I have been drinking quite a lot of coffee to stay awake and I have been thinking how nice it would be to have an espresso machine to make some nice coffee with. I have searched for espresso machines but still have not found one I like. I love cappuccino and I miss Starbucks! Well I have no espresso machine nor a Starbucks close so I´ll have to continue with my own coffee.

I´ll stay away from the coffee tonight though because I was up way to late last night and got only 4 hours of sleep.
Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Love the new design! Clean & uncluttered look. The 3 columns make it so much easier to see everything without too much scrolling.


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