Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Speedy blogger

The coffee is working on me. I have 3 other posts to write in 15 minutes, will I make it?

How long does it really take to write a post?
Ask any blogger and they will tell you it depends on what topic you write about. If you write about something you like it will take a few minutes.

When you write assignments or reviews it can take longer. If you write about drug treatment you might have to do some research and write a full review of a service or just post a link to their drug rehab site.

It also depends on your typing speed. I type quite fast so it doesn´t take too long. But typing fast also has it´s downsides. Typing errors, you might have to go back a few times to correct your errors. But as long as you are comfortable and happy with your speed it should be fine. But if you think you type too slow you might want to try and improve.

Being bilingual (or multilingual actually) means that I have to write in Swedish as well and the keyboard is not the same. So that is extra brain exercise to remember what the keyboard looks like in Swedish. But you usually get so use to it that you learn it by heart. I never think twice about where the letters are situated as they are usually at the same place. But we have three extra letters in Swedish Å Ä Ö so that changes the keyboard around a bit.
And my keyboard is Portuguese...

Complicated huh? Well we get used to most things.

Now I´ve already spend too long on this post so I better get going!

Are you a speedy blogger?

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The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Fun! I had not ever thought about the whole bilingual, dual keyboard issues. Interesting.

Linda said...

:) Yes it´s challenging sometimes :)


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