Wednesday, October 03, 2007

sPelling errors

You have surely heard that you should "blog for fun". And that is great that is just as it should be. Well in the blogging world there are many trying to do that and make money and get read.

But what amazes me sometimes is that when someone writes for fun and tries to share his/her tips with the rest of the world they get comments like "you don´t know what you are talking about" or " check your facts before you write". Spelling errors are human but still some people are quick to reply and tell you that you´ve made a mistake. How come?

OK I make mistakes all of the time and I admit that. I write fast, sometimes I don´t proofread everything as thoroughly as I should. Sometimes, like now, I don´t use a spellchecker. So yes I get typo errors. But be aware that everytime I write an article I read through everything I write several times and make sure there are no errors in it. But it still happens. Hey I am human! And so are you and we blog for fun and for profit but we still make mistakes.

Now this hasn´t really happend to me, so far, but I just read another inspiring post from someone and a commenter complained about spelling errors and how he didn´t understand anything etc etc.

I think it´s totally OK to comment and say "Hey Linda you said becsause instaid of because" for example. As long as it´s in a nice manner. But don´t come and say "go check your seplling errors they are horrible and I didn´t read you post because of it".

If you see spelling errors then either ignore it or tell in a nice manner. Help your fellow blogger instead or critizing. Someday you might make a mistake...

Now did you notice my post title is misspelled? :)

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