Monday, October 22, 2007

A stormy night

Yesterday we had a storm here. It came very quickly and went away after about 30 minutes. Heavy rain and very windy. Although it only lasted for about thirty minutes it made a lot of damage, tree branches broke off everywhere and we had a power failure as well. This morning I found out that some neighbors had their landscape lighting totally destroyed as well.

I was worried our roof would fall apart on one side of the house but thankfully that didn´t happen. It will happen any day though as some parts are a bit loose.
The street looks a bit turned up side down and almost everyone have been outside to sweep the sidewalk and street today.

I´m on my way out now to pick up my son at nursery so I´ll have a look to see what else is destroyed. Amazing how strong the wind is.

Btw. this is almost it, just another few tweaks and the re design is finished. :)

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