Monday, October 29, 2007

Times when a mental rest is needed

I have been having some serious posting problems with PPP for the last 2 hours and it´s not getting funnier by the minute.

It´s stressing me and I´m giving up!

A few minutes ago I said to myself that I need a mental rest and went out to my newly bought hammock and gathered my thoughts for a few minutes. It did wonders! I don´t understand why we didn't get a hammock before, it's great!

This will be my new retreat when times gets rough- a few minutes in the hammock.
And you know what I find a little funny, when I lie there I am so incredibly cozy that I keep smiling without actually wanting to. Silly but it makes me happy.

Need a mental rest? Get a hammock!

What's your mental rest tip when stress is haunting you down?

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Gaida said...

I gave up with my PPP posts - kept getting 500 errors.

When I need a 'mental rest' I grab my secateurs and go into the garden to do some pruning.

Revka said...

Reading is and always has been my escape. :)

Linda said...

Gadida, that is a quite uncommon but good way to rest ones mind(or at least I think so). Nice, I liked that idea!I have some plants I need to put in a pot maybe I´ll try that :)

Revka: oh me too! I love reading!


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