Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend plans?

I have no special plans this weekend except for redesigning this blog.
What are your plans? Anything nice going on?

We are probably doing the same as alway, washing the yard and cleaning... very relaxing. I´ll try and do as much as I can tonight so that I can concentrate tomorrow on the rest.

If you live in Cleveland and like golf you can always check out Cleveland golf clubs to entertain your family this weekend. Well Cleveland is a bit far for me so I´ll stay just where I am.
Actually I am not even sure there are any gold courses in my town. I´ve never played golf here and I´m not particularly interested either. But sure it would be fun to do once in a while. It´s fun if you play together with a bunch of friends.
When I was a little girl I basically lived at the golf club as I went with my family often but I only ran around and played. No golf for me.

Well enough rambling from me, now I need to get going. I have some winners to announce for the Swedish version of the Paper chef on my Swedish blog.
Have a great weekend!

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