Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wishlists are great!

Christmas is coming! I´ve talked about this before and I´m telling you again; be prepared! You might think you have another 8 weeks or so until christmas but think again. A week fly by and before you know it it will be Christmas.

If you don´t want to spend time walking in and out in shops for hours and hours you can shop online. Let Coupon Chief help you to get what you want and what your family wants.

I am planning to make a wishlist for my hubby so he know exactly what I want. Wishlists are great, no need to worry you won´t get what you want. But of course we should remember that Christmas is not only about recieving, it´s about giving. Well if your family doens´t have the habit of making wishlists maybe it´s about time. No more unwanted socks. My family haven´t made a wishlist yet but this is what I´d give them;

My hubby is just like most men; loves his car and electric toys so I would get him something from CarDomain. I am sure it would not be difficult for him to spend some good money there.

As for my son I´d give him LEGO. He loves lego and invites me (read demands me) to play with him every night. Whether I want to or not. A nice time for family time.

The dogs, do they really deserve Christmas gifts? I´ll have to think about that , at the moment they just annoy me with their barking and biting. But my heart is big so I´d give them some shampoo from Petco. OK maybe a bone as well then since it´s Christmas.

I am just like a little kid when it comes to gifts so I´d give myself a nice kithcen gift from I can go shopping for kitchenware forever so it´s perfect for me.

See it´s not difficult at all to give gifts, it´s really easy. Shopping online is great I have to say! No need to stand in lines for hours. Great!

Are you doing your Christmas shopping online this year?

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