Monday, October 08, 2007

Working when it´s hot?

It´s very hot here today. Not as hot as it can be but it´s hot to be spring. Hmm actually it´s still officially winter, spring isn´t until next week if I remember correctly. I´m not sure about the seasons here. I just know we are changing the clock next week.

What is you say, spring forward and fall backwards? I never remember how to change the clocks. Thankfully they show it on TV all night the day before.

Today I want to talk about weather conditions, how do you work when it´s hot or cold?

I don´t mind when it´s hot as long as I have cold water in the fridge. We haven´t got AC so all windows are open. I prefer it that way as well, makes the space you work in feel more open and larger.

But when it´s cold I do have problems working. Reason being that it is so cold inside that I need to use a blanket and gloves to be able to sit and write.
There are no heaters inside the Brazilian houses. And usually it is colder inside than outside because there is no insulation to keep the warmth inside. This year winter didn´t stay long. We only had a few weeks of cold weather, I convinced my hubby to buy a small portable heater, which we did, but we haven´t used it much. Maybe it´s for the best because the energy bill that came was not funny at all!

So how do you work when it´s hot?
Today it must be about 30-35°C outside here in southern Brazil.

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