Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Writers block? Pick up a magazine

If you are in need of some new ideas for blogging or business then grab a magazine or a book. You are sure to find great ideas there. This is something I do all the time and sometimes I even buy magazines only for blogging purpose. And it works fine!

Sometimes I get so many ideas that I´m not even sure where to start. Home decorating magazines are great to get ideas for blog design for example. There you will find color ideas, patterns etc etc.

Find a magazine with your topic and write down some keywords and go from there and create your own post/article. This is something I find help me a lot when I have no inspiration to write anything.

What do you do when writers block strikes?

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Mini said...

I agree! Not only do I enjoy browsing magazines for my personal interest, I also get some great inspiration from them.

Linda said...

Yes we need to use everything available to us.


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