Friday, November 23, 2007

A complete and happy life

The search for a complete and happy life is something that will likely never end. Everyday we search for answers and when we don’t find the answers we end up with more questions. Ask ten people about what they want to succeed in life and at least five will tell you “I want to be happy”.

But what does that mean? What is happiness?

Before we can be happy or get to the point where we think we will be happy, we need to discover what it is we need. Do you need money, a new radio, the latest CD from your favorite artist, plastic surgery, lose ten kilos? Or what do you need?

A complete and happy life may never be achieved.

What? Will you never be completely happy?

No, you might not actually, because there will always be something you want to change. The rich want to get richer and the circle will never end.

Focus on what you got and set up a goal.

Instead of concentration on what you haven’t got focus on what you do have and appreciate that. You need to appreciate what you got before you can focus on getting more.

Think about something you want to achieve, I want to exercise everyday or make $100/hour. Then think about how you can achieve that but most think about if it will make you happy. To be able to get $100 you might have to work like crazy and in the end all the hours you put in won’t be worth more than $10/h. So maybe it’s better you start with a smaller goal and say you want to make $20/h and look at what you need to do in order to do that. When you have succeeded with that and are making your $20/h you can start thinking about how to get to $50/h.

It might not be possible to live a complete and happy life without any worries but with small steps you can come closer.

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Alex Liu said...

Great tips about happiness and achieving goals.

It's possible to be happy and everyone can be happy right NOW!

It can be said to break big goals to smaller one or have a clear plan to achieve your goal.

With a clear goal we will not drive ourself to work crazily. We just work according to plan.

It's very dangerous for not having a clear goal and no plan to achieve it. We can be doing a lot of things without achieving anything with those 2.

I also like the part where you mention about looking at what we have right now. People tend to complain and get frustrated for what we don't have and forget what we already have and be happy with it!

Great job and thanks for sharing.

Alex Liu

Revka said...

Now this is a great post, Linda. I must say that I do believe that happiness can be achieved, but I don't believe that making happiness your goal is the way to find it. I believe happiness is found in thinking less of self and more of others. The more I think of myself, the more dissatisfied I become. :o)


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