Monday, November 12, 2007

Is your work affecting your health?

This morning I saw a program about sugar cane cutters that works for 6 months per year to sustain their families. The job is very hard and they cut more than they earn.

But it's not only the salary that is bad, it's bad for their health as well and many become sick and some even pass away at a young age. This reminds me of the asbestos warnings, today many of those who worked there is batteling with Mesothelioma cancer.

Is it worth the money to sacrifice your health? Unfortunately we do what we need to and not always what is the best. Or what we think is the best thing. And unfortunately many of these workers don't even know their job is dangerous. Thanks fo investigations these people can now have a better future.

Even if you are not in a extreme situation like these mentioned above maybe you are sacrificing your health? There are many ways to damage our health, mentally and environmentally. Think about that.

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Dan Anton said...

I personally don't think its worth your health in 99% of situations where you can just get another job, but lots of families might depend on someone for income in a crappy job that affects their health negatively. Sad to see anyone have to do that

Anonymous said...

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messyman said...

It is sad that most workers who are exposed to harmful products do not have the means to do anything about it. Most industrial workers block out the nasty things there work environment, because they simply can not afford to lose there job. Having diseases likemesothelioma kill innocent hard working industrial workers without them knowing it at the time is a tragic flaw in our economy.


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