Monday, November 26, 2007

A stylish garden

As the holidays are approaching it also means more family time but also renovation time. It is time for the yearly house renovation.

It is the only time when my husband has time to work on the house and do a good job. I want to repaint the house and arrange our small garden that is currently non-existing as well as repave the sidewalk outside our house.

Another thing I also want to do is buy new outdoor furniture to be able to enjoy our new garden and hopefully beautiful house. I have a secret dream to be able to sit outside and have my breakfast in the morning. I love sitting on a comfortable chair in the garden and watch life go by as I slowly wake up. I would absolutely love to have teak patio furniture outside! I think that having teak furniture is one of the most stylish ways to decorate your garden.

Unfortunately the only thing I ever see here is plastic furniture but I have told my husband I refuse to buy that! I prefer to have no furniture at all! So I am actually looking for teak patio furniture in secret to surprise my husband.

Why am I talking about outdoor furniture when Christmas is approaching? Because it’s summer here in Brazil and the perfect timing for this. I can see myself sitting in the morning sun having my morning coffee and just be. Doesn't that sound nice say!?!

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LEAFY said...

GREETINGS from Eugene Oreg, USA. First time visitor. Like your site. was looking around at other garden sponts in Google because I just started one myself called Garden Adventures (in Blogspot) I'll be stopping by again soon.


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